The August Empire is a Nashville based duo composed of singer-songwriters Dante Marchi and Liz Constantine. Before The Hereafter is their debut album...listen to songs here and please visit us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

"musical storytelling at it's very best" The Washington Times 

"infectious melodies and delicious harmonies that drape their exquisite songwriting perfectly" 

"alt-country heartbreak rock at it's finest!" LA Weekly

"sounds like The Civil Wars if they were produced by Beck...downtempo yet uplifting and cinematic pop songs with a dash of nashville" Variety Radio Online 

"ryan adams meets bryan adams..kate bush meets anhauser busch" Pitchfork

"timeless and honest songs layered with stunning vocal chemistry"  PaperMag


Before The Hereafter LP (featuring "There's A Rumor" from NBC's The Night Shift) is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Napster and CD Baby...NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM COMING IN LATE 2018 :):)